Our History

Informally started in 2001 and fully incorporated in 2004, we’ve been operating in the digital marketing space for quite some time. From basic beginnings in website design, we developed a range of core skills that have kept us busy for over a decade. These skills include SEO, social media marketing, core database design, advanced css, html and jquery site design. From humble beginnings we’ve come a long way and now our focus is the entire digital venture journey. Our entrepreneurial background and approach to digital has given us a unique set of skills that enable us to help other people take their ideas from simple beginnings to blossoming flowers.


Why Choose Us

If you need some reasons why you would work with us on your projects and digital ventures, see what we can do below.

  • 1. Brand enthusiasts
    We always think about the branding equation even when it comes to the tiny details in any collaboration. Ultimately the worth of a company can be entirely encompassed in its branding, and that’s something we aim to develop and maintain within our influencer relationships. Ensuring the voice of the influencer matches the voice of your brand.
  • 2. Long term planning
    These days a lot of web marketing and design comes with short term thinking because web users are generally very transient with their web surfing. We take a long term approach to all our partnerships to ensure that success is sustainable for the long term.
  • 3. Entrepreneur and Influencer style thinking
    As entrepreneurs and influencer’s ourselves, we bring many strategies and methodologies into our ventures to help them have the best chance of success. From traditional marketing, to modern influencer marketing, we can help you think beyond your micro problems to keep you focused on the bigger picture.
  • 4. Professional and courteous
    We believe that professionalism is paramount to success in any industry. Our approach to all our ventures is to treat it like it was a multi-national corporation, that way you start off thinking big from the outset and build in professional procedures and practices into any new venture.
  • 5. Expertise in multiple industries
    We have experience in many industries, even though our strong beginnings were in the online gambling industry, we have since worked on projects from aromatherapy, retail, food branding, sustainable products, parent and baby brands, beauty brands, fashion and the service industries.
  • 6. 10+ Years of Marketing knowledge
    To top it all off, our early day success was built on SEO and marketing and we bring that expertise along with us, coupled with social media marketing and the latest influencer marketing trends. We were around before Google was born, so we were already learning digital marketing before most companies were even formed and have grown with the times to keep up to date on all the latest success startegies!

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